Are Goji Berries Good For Eyesight?

Goji berries

Are Goji berries good for your eyesight? Well maybe. I was recently in Thailand and my guide, who had studies with a Doctor of Chinese Medicine, told me that he had taken a small handful of Goji Berries every day for a month and this had improved his short-sightedness. Well, I am going to try it and see if I get the same effect. Goji berries have a long tradition of been associated with being beneficial for the eyes and are known for their anti-oxidant effects. They are often called a superfood! Even if my eyesight does not improve, they would be a good addition to my diet. Check them out on the internet and see if they might be of benefit to you!

Can Sunscreen Ingredients Increase Your Risk of Cancer? via Dr David Jockers and TTAC

sunscreen-cancer-risk-2Have you ever looked at the ingredients on your sunscreen label before lathering your body with its contents? Sunscreen lotions have numerous combinations of chemicals that have been shown to block both UVA and UVB radiation exposure thus preventing sunburn. But these mixtures have also been shown to accelerate your risk of cancer and are linked to harmful health effects. Instead, consider natural strategies to optimize your time in the sun to boost your health without the use of chemical cocktails. UV radiation from sunlight naturally provides the body with essential stress. When the skin receives this stimulus from UV Read here

Does America Have the World’s Worst Food Quality & Safety? – via Ty Bollinger


Read this interesting article by Ty Bollinger. What it means is that if you live and eat in America, you have to take extra care of your health and eat organic if possible. Europe has higher food standards which protects its citizens. The Brexit vote by the UK may have implications for the UK!

UK Interest Rates – Reduction Expected on Thursday 14 July

Interest rates image

It is widely expected that the Bank of England will reduce interest rates by 1/4% on Thursday 14 July 2016 from 0.5% to 0.25% in order to reduce the chance of a recession following the Brexit referendum, showing real concern about the possible impact of Brexit on the UK economy. This is in contrast to the US where the Federal Reserve is continually looking at raising interest rates. This is also likely to have a negative effect on the value of the pound.


Harvard Study Finds Fluoride Reduces Children’s IQ


Read the interesting article linked below. Fluoride is a toxin which can be removed from drinking water by having a good filter. You need one anyway for removing other toxins like chlorine. It’s important to keep hydrated but only with good quality water. i will be posting more information on water and hydration in the future.

Interesting new Diet for Weight Loss and Health


I have just bought this book “The SIRT food Diet” following a recommendation from a friend who had lost about 14 pounds in weight by following this diet, and in only about 2 weeks. This caught my attention. I have just started reading the book. I will report my progress and give further detail about the principles when I have read more. However, in a nutshell, some foods contain substances that switch on a fat burning gene and so if you eat enough of those foods you lose weight but unlike other diets do not lose lean muscle. Interesting! Watch this space.20160711_135452            To buy the book click here:

or click